Episode 14: My Wife’s Lovers

No one remembers Carl Kahler for his portraits of blue-ribbon horses or of burning sunset landscapes or even of his prize-winning classical study “Caesar’s Death.” The San Francisco Chronicle wrote back in 1892 that he is “an artist who will leave behind him a fame that will be remembered long after his last work has been accomplished, and one who is entitled to an enduring place in the memory of men.” 

Artist Carl Kahler, 1856 – 1906

Carl would be remembered for a painting so ahead of its time, it would take the development of the internet in order for it to be truly appreciated for what it was: a masterpiece.

This episode we’re going to get into some art history behind one of the most famous pet projects.

This episode was written and hosted by Natalie Shoemaker.

If you’re curious about the painting described, here it is in all its glory. Though, its grandness is worth experiencing in person. Unfortunately, after being shown to the public at the Portland Museum in 2016 it has since gone back into the owner’s private collection.

My Wife’s Lovers
Carl Kahler
Oil on canvas, 1893

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