Ep 16: Spectre

Ghost towns keep their stories alive, we can wander through its ruins and imagine life as it once was. But to see one that still has a faint pulse, which stands between revival and ruin is quite another story.

In Parksville, NY, a few small shops and a corner restaurant show this town still beats, if slowly, even in the midst of a pandemic. All of its life, or what’s left, resides on one small strip of road. The heart of this hamlet. It’s Main Street,  a scatter shot of renovated and dilapidated homes. 

The further out from here you wander, the more of it has withered. Large stone stairs, embedded in grassy knolls lead to airy fields. Grand hotels, like the Paramount stand empty. Its extravagant husk being gutted from the inside. A playground for urban adventurers and graffiti artists.

These are clues to its past that once sustained a sprawling mountain sanctuary. When this place was a destination written about in papers and advertised as a haven for city dwellers, seeking escape. When this place used to be a resort before and after the turn of the 20th Century. When people in the middle class were coming into money that could be spent on more than just providing needs.

Old home along Parskville, NY Main Street.
House from the Parksville rail trail.
Paramount hotel in Parksville, NY
Paramount hotel in Parksville, NY
Parksville, NY pharmacy
Parksville Pharmacy

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