Ep 17: Silent March

To the beat of muffled drums, 10,000 black men, women, and children marched down 5th Avenue in New York City on July 28, 1917. Their march was in protest of the murders in East St. Louis.

As they made their way down New York’s wealthiest block, they did not chant or speak. Children and women in the front walked in an orderly wave of white and men in the back dressed in black. They Held their sentiments above their heads, so they could be heard clearly as they passed by. 

Their banners read, “India is abolishing the caste, America is adopting it”, “We are maligned as lazy, and murdered when we work,” and “Pray for the Lady MacBeth’s of East St. Louis.”

They marched in such numbers, so that a display would not be forgotten. But it was.

They march so that their children could live.

They’re still marching so their lives matter.